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Your body is always talking to you – you just have to stop and listen. When we’re busy and tired, it can be easy to get stuck in a cycle of doing too much and pushing on despite signals that you need to rest. This is your gentle reminder of the power and the necessity of slowing down.

A key part of the JSHealth wellness philosophy is rest! It is essential for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s the time for us to recharge and reset, helping maintain a state of balance in body and mind. When we rest, we’re physically and emotionally able to reconnect with ourselves, find clarity and gain energy. When we have more energy, we are better equipped to tackle our days (and our nights!) and live The Healthy Life

While sleep is an important part of rest, it encompasses more than just the hours of shut-eye. It’s about allowing yourself to go slow, to check in and create moments of stillness in your life. When I give myself permission to pause, I am able to reconnect more deeply with myself, let go of the need to be constantly doing, and be guided by body love and kindness. 

Here are some of my top tips for embracing rest.

Care for your digestive system

So much of your health is related to the gut. When your digestion is poor, it has a domino effect on the rest of your body. Eating when stressed or distracted can adversely impact your gut’s ability to break down and assimilate the nutrition you feed it, which is why I suggest making mealtimes a moment of self-care in your busy day. Avoid eating while working or watching TV, put your phone away, take some deep belly breaths before you begin, and chew each mouthful well. Be mindful and grateful as you eat. Notice the flavours, textures and aromas. Give thanks for being able to enjoy this food that nourishes your precious body.

Embrace small rituals throughout the day

Sometimes it really is the little things (done consistently) that are the big things! As you move from morning to night time, incorporate your own wellness rituals that allow you to feel relaxed. This could mean having a cup of herbal tea, meditating in silence for five minutes, or making time for some quick stretching. These simple self-care activities will help keep your nervous system regulated, keep you grounded, and allow you to rebalance and find your centre. 

Prioritise quality sleep 

We all know how amazing we feel after a good night’s sleep: energised, refreshed, clear and ready to take on the day. Getting quality sleep accelerates healing; it’s the body’s time to rest, repair and restore. 

Aim for a consistent bedtime every night and establish a nightly routine full of deliciously sleep-provoking rituals. In the hour or so before bed, dim the lights, put lavender oil on the pillows and light a candle or burn essential oils. Keep a notepad on your bedside table and jot down any pesky thoughts that come into your mind while you’re trying to wind down. Take away computers and distractions so the room is a technology-free zone, and ensure the room temperature is comfortable. Ideally, your bedroom should be dark and cool. 

I also love to put my legs up against the wall for 10 minutes while breathing deeply – it’s incredibly peaceful and calming before bed! 

Try restorative exercise

Moving your body intentionally in ways that bring you joy and connectedness can be a form of active rest. Restorative yoga or ‘yoga nidra’ can do wonders for relaxing the mind and slowing down that never-ending thought stream. It’s also about letting go of physical and emotional tensions, stress or any energy that feels stagnant. 

For me personally, embracing rest and prioritising my sleep has been truly life changing. If you’re not already, it’s time to start prioritising rest and letting go of the myth that you have to push yourself 24/7 for success. By nurturing yourself and replenishing your energy, you create a solid foundation for a happier, kinder and more fulfilling life of balance.

Love Jess x

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