The Best Gym Shirts and Workout Tops for Men (2023)

Investing in quality gym shirts is paramount for any serious weightlifter.

While bad workout shirts feel stiff and stuffy and hinder your training, good workout tops keep you cool and comfortable so you can perform at your best. 

In this article, you’ll discover the best men’s workout shirts, including the best long-sleeve workout shirt, sports T-shirt, oversized workout shirt, and more. 

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The Best Workout Shirts for Men

Best Overall Men’s Workout Shirt: Legion Premium Workout Tees

Legion Premium Workout Tees

Call us biased, but Legion’s workout tops are the best men’s workout shirts we tested. 

Made from a blend of high-quality combed ringspun cotton and polyester, they’re comfortable, moisture-wicking, and durable. 

They’re also tailor-made to accentuate an athletic physique and undergo a special laundering process to minimize shrinkage, ensuring they retain their shape wash after wash.

The only possible downside is that they only come in classic black and white, which might not suit everyone’s tastes. Nevertheless, they’re excellent workout tops worthy of the top spot. 

  • Price: $24.99
  • Sizes: XS-to-XXL
  • Material: 60% combed ringspun cotton and 40% polyester
  • Color options: 2 


  • Comfortable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Form-fitting
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Only available in white or black

Best Weightlifting Shirt: A7 Crest Bar Grip Shirt

Best Weightlifting Shirt


The A7 Crest Bar Grip weightlifting shirt boasts a silicone grip across the upper back and shoulders that prevents the bar slipping while squatting and your upper back sliding while benching, so you can be confident that neither your gear nor your body will shift out of position.

It’s also made from a durable cotton and lycra blend and has a tapered fit that enhances your physique.

At almost $50, it’s a pricey proposition, especially since the shoulder grips make it unsuitable for anything other than training.

It’s also only available in black, which might not suit everyone’s color palette.

  • Price: $45.95
  • Sizes: S-to-4XL
  • Material: Cotton and Lycra
  • Color options: 1


  • Excellent for squatting and benching
  • Form-fitting 


  • Expensive
  • Only suitable for training
  • Only available in black

Most Durable Lifting Shirt: EliteFTS Tagline Tee

Most Durable Lifting Shirt

EliteFTS are synonymous with heavy-duty training gear, and their apparel is no different. 

Their Tagline Tee is made from polyester and combed ringspun cotton, so it’s light, comfortable, and quick-drying.

During manufacturing, the material also undergoes “heat setting,” which “locks” the fibers in position, ensuring the garment maintains its shape and is resilient to shrinking and wrinkling.

Additionally, it features taping on the neck and shoulder seams and double stitching on the sleeves and bottom hem, details that further improve its durability.

Another plus for European readers is that EliteFTS has a UK store that distributes Europewide so you can pick up EliteFTS products, including apparel, without hefty shipping costs.

  • Price: $22.95
  • Sizes: S-to-3XL
  • Material: 65% polyester and 35% combed ringspun USA cotton
  • Color options: 3


  • Hard-wearing
  • Comfortable 
  • Quick-drying


  • Only available in black, gray, and red

Best Sleeveless Workout Shirt: Nike Men’s Dri-FIT Ready Fitness Sleeveless Workout Shirt

sleeveless workout shirts

This Nike workout shirt is an excellent option for those who sweat heavily.

Its light polyester and spandex material moves moisture away from your skin and disperses it across the fabric’s surface, helping you stay cool, comfortable, and dry during workouts. 

It also boasts flat stitching, which feels smooth against your skin, minimizing any itchiness, and it has a relaxed fit that’s less restrictive than many sleeveless workout shirts and tank tops on the market.

While Nike’s quality comes with a higher price tag, investing in this sleeveless workout shirt is worth every penny if typical workout clothes leave you damp and uncomfortable.

  • Price: $45
  • Sizes: S-to-2XL
  • Material: 92% polyester  and 8% spandex
  • Color options: 3


  • Moisture-wicking 
  • Comfortable fit


  • Expensive 
  • Fit might be too relaxed for people who prefer form-fitting workout clothes

Best Gym Graphic Tee: Gymreapers Graphic Tees

Best Gym Graphic Tee

Gym graphic tees are tricky to get right. 

When done poorly, the slogans are cheesy or try-hard, the graphics scratch your skin and fade with age, and the overall aesthetic is garish.

When done correctly, however, they’re a fun alternative to plain gym shirts, often reflecting your style and fitness ethos.

Gymreapers make a line of gym graphic tees that get everything right: the graphics and slogans are cool, the printing is top-tier, and the form-fitting cut complements your body shape.

Our favorite is the “Iron Tee” (pictured above), though you can’t go wrong with any Gymreapers gym graphic tees

  • Price: $30
  • Sizes: S-to-4XL
  • Material: 60% cotton and 40% polyester
  • Color options: 4


  • Cool graphics
  • Excellent construction
  • Athletic fit


  • Only “muted” colors available
  • “Skull” branding may not be to everyone’s taste

Best Oversized Workout Shirt: Gymshark Essential Oversized Gym Shirt

Best Oversized Workout Shirt

Bodybuilders in the 80s and 90s liked oversized workout shirts for their practicality: their relaxed fit allowed you to move freely and air to flow up the sleeves and hem, and their thick fabric absorbed sweat better than other fabrics of the day.

Having been edged out by tighter workout tops for the last few decades, oversized gym shirts are making a comeback. Gymshark’s take on this retro staple is a standout choice.

It’s constructed from a lightweight and breathable cotton and elastane blend, has subtle Gymshark branding, and comes in 11 colors. 

At an accessible price of $26, it’s also a cost-effective addition to any workout wardrobe.

  • Price: $26
  • Sizes: XS-to-3XL
  • Material: 95% cotton and 5% elastane
  • Color options: 11


  • Affordable 
  • Lots of color options


  • Not everyone’s favorite aesthetic
  • Sizing can be challenging (there’s a fine line between “oversized” and “baggy”)

Best Long-Sleeve Workout Shirt: Rogue Performance Long-Sleeve Workout Shirt

Best Long-Sleeve Workout Shirt


If you like to train outdoors, Rogue’s Performance Long-Sleeve workout shirt is a must-have. 

Crafted from a feather-light yet breathable polyester-spandex mix, this long-sleeve shirt boasts impressive sun protection, blocking 95% of UVA and UVB rays. With a UPF rating 30+, it’s particularly well-suited for workouts in the sun. 

Its semi-relaxed fit makes it ideal for all kinds of exercise, including running, weightlifting, and rucking. However, for those who prefer a snugger fit, consider sizing down since your regular size might feel a little roomy.

  • Price: $37.50
  • Sizes: S-to-2XL
  • Material: 88% polyester and 12% spandex
  • Color options: 2


  • Relaxed fit is perfect for all kinds of exercise
  • High ultraviolet protection factor


  • Sizing is slightly big
  • Only two color options

Best Sports T-Shirt: Under Armour Men’s HeatGear® Short Sleeve Sports T-Shirt

Best Sports T-Shirt

This Under Armour shirt might be the perfect sports T-shirt.

The main body is made from lightweight polyester and elastane, which not only wicks moisture away from your skin but dries in next to no time. It also features perfectly placed mesh panels that provide excellent ventilation during sweaty training sessions. 

It’s ergonomically designed so that its seams don’t itch, and it’s ultra-tight fitting so it works well as a baselayer or as a regular workout top. 

Overall, it’s an excellent product, deserving of its glowing Amazon customer reviews.

  • Price: $30
  • Sizes: XS-to-4XL
  • Material: Body: 84% polyester and 16% elastane. Mesh: 92% polyester and 8% elastane
  • Color options: 17


  • Suitable for most sports
  • Lightweight and moisture-wicking
  • Ultra-tight fit
  • Lots of color options


  • May be too restrictive for weightlifting

Best Budget Gym Shirt: EliteFTS Train Arch Tee

Best Budget Gym Shirt

The EliteFTS “Train Arch” gym shirt is an excellent choice for budget-conscious gym-goers.

It’s crafted from a blend of cotton and polyester, which is soft and moisture-wicking, though slightly flimsier than other workout tops on this list.

That said, it’s well-made, boasting quality features associated with pricier apparel, including shoulder-to-shoulder taping and double-stitching on the neckline, sleeves, and bottom hem.

Plus, it’s available in EliteFTS’s US and UK stores, making it more accessible and economical for international buyers.

  • Price: $19.95
  • Sizes: S-to-3XL
  • Material: 50% cotton and 50% polyester
  • Color options: 2


  • Very affordable
  • Well-made


  • Fabric feels slightly flimsy

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